So you may have heard me and Emily on Friday talking about us taking in the Thoroughbred horse races at Delta Downs since it was the last race weekend of the season.  Emily had never been to a horse race so i thought this should be really interesting.

Well that is exactly what we did!  We went out to the race track on Saturday night and had a wonderful dinner at the Lookout Steak house on the top of the grandstands at the race track.  We also got a couple of racing programs so we could keep up with which race was going on and what were the names of the horses.

Of course me and Emily have no clue on how to bet on a horse.  There are all sorts of stats on the program but me and Emily decided we were going to just bet our $1 on a horse who's name we liked.  Scientific huh?

I don't know if the stars had aligned or if that just luck would have it but in the fourth race we were shocked to see that two horses that were racing had our names in the race. What is even more crazy is that they were going to run side by side in the race.  Crazy huh?

Well the #9 horse was named "Merry Mike" while the #10 horse was 'Em's Perfect Ten"  I call Emily "EM' all the time.  We laughed about it but then got series and went and bet our $1 on the horse with our name on it.  Emily bet on her horse #10 and I bet on #9.  Plus we saw that the #6 horse was the long shot and 26-1 so we both decided to bet $1 on that one as well.

Did we win?

Racing Form (photo by Mike Soileau)

And they were off!  Coming down the back stretch to the finish line "Merry Mike"  was in the lead and 'Em's Perfect Ten" was running second.  Me and Emily were going crazy!  I mean our two horses were about to finished first and second but in which order.  Then out of no where the #6 horse came up with a late surge and won the race.  Me and Emily were so excited about our horses with our names almost winning the race that we forgot for a second that we had bet $1 on the #6 long shot horse.

We WON!  off of our $1 bet we each won $26.10!  It was so much fun and we spent all of $2.  If you ever get a chance, go out there and have some fun!  It was awesome!