Back To School Mike and Russ (TSM)

Today is the first day of school today in Calcasieu Parish so Your Buddy Russ and I went back to school.

We went out to Maplewood Elementary to welcome the kids back to school and to bring awareness about back to school do's and dont's.

Your Buddy Russ, Principal Brad Brinkley, and Mike Soileau

We broadcasted live from the drop off area and welcomed the kids.  Then the principal Brad Brinkley must have lost his mind because he let me and Russ make the morning announcements.

We took to the microphone and announced the news of the school plus we told the kids what was for lunch!  Watch the live feed we did below to see how crazy we got.

Also, during the announcements we drew a name of one of the teachers and her class received a cookie cake for her class from the Great American Cookie Company.  We went and delivered the prize to the class and took a picture with them which is featured below.

Mike and Russ with the Winning Class (TSM)

All and all we had a great time with the teachers and kids of Maplewood Elementary School.  Please be aware of the school zones now that school is back in session.  25 mph zones from 7am-9am and 2pm to 4pm each weekday.