So the other day, I received an email from my favorite place to eat ever: Whataburger. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse: my very own Whataburger restaurant!

I was so pumped, I opened the email and realized that I could indeed buy my own Whataburger restaurant but I would have to build it myself.  Oh, and that it is actually a toy!

Yep, it is from toy manufacturer, BRXLZ, and it is a buildable Whataburger restaurant.  Like a Legoish type a toy construction set.

Whataburger Buildable Toy Restaurant (BRXLZ/Whataburger)
Whataburger Buildable Toy Restaurant (BRXLZ/Whataburger)

I then said to myself, I don't care, I am in!  So I am now waiting for my Whataburger restaurant to be delivered to my house.

#2s with cheese and the addicting ketchup for everyone!  You're Welcome!

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