If you've missed the last 30 or so hours on social media, you might have missed that a 150 pound Burmese python had escaped from a business in the mall called Blue Zoo. The 12ft snake was living in a glass enclosure, but some how slithered its way out.

After getting the initial call, the search began. Animal control had found evidence that it could possibly be in the ceiling, but after extensive searching no snake was found. It was decided that they would back off from the search over night in hopes the snake would return.

In the mean time of the great snake hunt, Cara the snake began to go social media viral on Twitter and on Facebook. To the point that someone even made the python its own Facebook page with memes saying where the snake was visiting after hours in the mall.

The fact that they made the snake out to be an escapee from jail just makes me giggle even further as more and more people shared memes about Cara's whereabouts. After daily, and nightly, searches using infrared, night vision, and thermal cameras, Cara was found at 3:30am this morning. She was found inside of the mall nestled into a crawlspace trying to find some warmth. She appeared to be find, but their medical experts were checking her out once they got her secured and safe.

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