Mo Pitney's "Everywhere" is his most pop-friendly song to date, but the baritone country singer never strays far from his roots. The mid-tempo cut from Behind This Guitar is wide open for interpretation.

Some will hear a great love song, while others will enjoy a song of faith. The recently married Pitney puts God first in his life, and the arrangement borrows from Christian rock. It's an inspirational single, capable of turning one's mood around quickly.

"Everywhere" is Pitney's most urgent lyric. His previous two singles came with a laid-back swagger that allowed every note to sink deep. Here one finds a vocal-heavy song that's more imposing — there's not as much breathing room as one found on "Country" and "Boy & a Girl Thing." The contemporary twist shows a new side of this talented young singer.

Listen to Mo Pitney, "Everywhere" 

Mo Pitney, "Everywhere" Lyrics:

I open up my eyes and feel you by my side / Before the morning light even hits me / There’s comfort in the knowing that anywhere I’m going, I know you’ll be rolling with me.

Everywhere, every step / Every sunrise, every sunset / Every word I say, every night and day / Every single move, everything I do / Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.

As I walk through my life, on my left and on my right / Even when I cast an eye on my rearview / I feel you ever-close and the whisper of the road / As this journey unfolds I see you.

In the sunshine, when the rain pours / In this heart of mine, I know you’re everywhere.

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