When Mo Pitney and his wife Emily welcomed their first child last Jan. 12, the rising country singer alluded that the birth didn't go entirely smoothly. Their little girl, Evelyne Nadine, arrived ahead of schedule, resulting in what Pitney described briefly as a "number of scares"—but thankfully, mom and baby got through fine.

Well, as it turns out, that birthday was a lot more frightening than Pitney let on. He chose the occasion of Evelyne's first birthday to finally share with fans just how dangerously close to tragedy his family came.

In a post on Instagram, Pitney described "walking into an immediate emergency C-section due to a prolapsed umbilical cord."

He added, "There were moments that I legitimately thought I could lose my new bride and new baby."

The singer gave thanks to God's mercy that both his wife and daughter were able to leave the hospital in good health a few days later. He followed up his alarming post with an adorable shot of Evelyne celebrating her birthday amid a flock of pink and purple balloons on what appears to be a tour bus.

The "Boy & a Girl Thing" singer and his wife, Emily, announced they were expecting in August of 2016. The 23-year-old traditional country singer-songwriter and guitarist released his debut album, Behind This Guitar, in October of 2016.

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