Yesterday, Morgan Wallen fans fired back again against the CMT Music Awards. The fans got together and funded billboards all across Nashville in support of Wallen. The billboards are covered in plaid and simply say Enough is Enough. They also briefly go into how the fans are speaking and want to be heard.

Obviously, the speaking out of fans stems from when Wallen was filmed earlier in the year saying a racial slur. The video caused the entire music industry to remove any and all mentions of Wallen in the industry. Wallen stepped up and apologized for his actions and acknowledged that he was prepared for any penalties he was destined to face in the future.

Wallen's album, Dangerous, sat at number one and broke a few records as it did, despite the backlash the music industry was giving him. As the ACM awards rolled around in April, fans funded billboards to boycott the awards. They did it again for the Billboard Music Awards after it was announced Wallen was not eligible for any awards, and now they are at it once more for the CMT Awards. Wallen is eligible for a few CMT awards, but it was made clear that he will not be in any of the show's bigger categories.

Since the issue of the slur occurred, Wallen has met with Gospel's BeBe Winans, the Nashville NAACP, and other Black organizations to better understand the impact of his words. The mullet-wearing Country star has said in interviews that he is working to repair what has happened and is choosing his steps wisely.

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