With the holiday season upon us, I was thinking what are my favorite Christmas goodies of all time and especially this time of the year.

With all the goodies up for grabs I see why after Christmas most peoples New Years resolution is to lose weight because ya got to get all them goodies off your hips!

Here are my top 5 Christmas goodies.

#5 -- Brownies with pecans

My aunts make them every year and OMG they are terrific.


#4 -- Flavored Candy Canes

I am not talking about the traditional peppermint candy canes.  i am talking give me some Spree or Skittles flavored candy canes.

#3 -- Book of Life Savers

Ever since I was a kid I get these every year.  You know it's that cardboard box that looks like a book filled with five rolls of Life Savers in different flavors!

Hersheys Kisses Cherry (Photo provided by Christie Soileau)

#2 -- Hershey's Kisses Cordial Cherry Flavor

I discovered these last year.  It's like the chocolate covered cherries without the cherry in it.  It just has the juice goodness of one.

Chocolate Covered Cherries (Photo by Christie Soileau)

#1 -- Box of Cordial Cherries

OMG these are my absolute favorite.  I buy boxes of these and as soon as I get home they go right in the refrigerator.  I like them cold.  Now me and my wife have the great debate of the clear liquid center or the white creamy center.  I like the white one.  I win!