Even though Sunday was opening day for NASCAR, rain delayed the race until Monday night. Toward the final lap of the race, things took a horrific turn.

Newman was in Daytona battling for the lead with Ryan Blaney and Denny Hamlin when he crashed. Newman attempted to block Blaney when their cars touched, sending Newman’s car airborne and into the wall. Newman’s car flipped multiple times and was hit head-on by Corey LaJoie. This then sent Newman across the track upside down.

Newman was credited with a ninth-place finish after leading for 15 laps. Newman was taken to the hospital and was immediately assessed for his injuries. Thank goodness that, although doctors indicated Newman was in serious condition, there were no life-threatening injuries to report. NASCAR released this official statement after the crash.

FOX NASCAR released a video of the final lap and crash. Full disclosure: the video is difficult to watch. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Newman family.

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