Over the Mardi Gras festivities, I ran across this ad for Castle Real Estate. It shows the Nelson's Donuts shop, post-fire, up for sale. We can never forget that sad night when we saw it burn down. The next morning for breakfast, it just didn't feel right knowing it was gone.

Nelson's Donuts On Fire (Gator99.5/Buddy Russ)
Nelson's Donuts On Fire (Gator99.5/Buddy Russ)

The site states that the business is for sale, and it will come with all of the equipment that was in the building before the fire. According to the site, the equipment is being held in a shipping container. Seems like a sold way to get it off the ground.

At one point it was rumored, and confirmed, that the Nelson family was going to rebuild the Lake Charles icon, but that seems to have changed, at least for the old location. The building was built in 1968, and has 1,000 square feet inside. For $325,000, you can buy the building, equipment, and the business.

If you buy it, can I get free donuts?

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