We have already reported on Louisiana casinos possibly opening by the end of May. The Louisiana gaming commission was speculating on various guidelines that might be put in place, but now the Nevada gaming commission's regulations for their casinos might shed some light on what we can expect here at home.

Nevada is home to over 400 casinos in its area, meaning it has the capacity to hold a ton of people. Yesterday, the Nevada board met with the public to listen to questions before agreeing to these new guidelines. Nevada casinos have also been shut down since March 18, meaning no revenue from these casinos for nearly two months.

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According to the new regulations listed by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, this is in Nevada only. They will firstly reduce the capacity of all casinos to half their maximum limit, which will be determined by the building's fire occupancy code. Table games will only be allowed three people at a table for black jack, four for roulette, four for poker, and six for craps.

Will we see these types of regulations in Louisiana? Guess we will have to wait and see what the Louisiana board has to say before Memorial Day.

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