Moss Bluff is getting a new learning center that hopes to open the second week of June.

The center is located at 180 Gloria Drive in Moss Bluff and is is equipped with a 2,400 sq ft playground. They will offer child care for infants to four years of age and are currently taking potential students.

One of the features the center will offer is Kinderlime. This app helps put parents at ease by logging them in to view their child's progress throughout the day. Parents can also use this app to check on quantity of diapers, see pictures of their child, pay dues, and preview the lesson plan for the day.

The school's weekly dues are:

  • Infants- $175 weekly
  • 1 to 2 yrs - $150
  • 2 to 4 yrs - $145

The center plans to schedule tours starting the first week of June. For more information about enrollment and the center, visit the Moss Bluff Learning Center Facebook page.

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