If the smell of the buttered popcorn is too much and you're looking to catch a movie at the theaters this weekend, we have compiled all the new movies being released and their trailers.  Remember, some of the trailers may be NSFW.

1.  "Flatliners"  (PG-13)

Ellen Page and four other medical students take turns stopping their hearts to trigger a near death experience and get a glimpse of the afterlife.  And each trip gets more dangerous as they delay their revival time, until they're all haunted by visions from the other side.

2.  "American Made"  (R)

Tom Cruise is a Trans World Airlines pilot in the 1980s who becomes a drug smuggling arms dealer working for the CIA in the middle of both the Iran-Contra era, and the DEA's clashes with Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.  Domhnall Gleeson is his CIA handler.

3.  "Til Death Do Us Part"  (PG-13)

Annie Ilonzeh is a pregnant woman trying to escape her violent marriage to Stephen Bishop.  She starts over with a new identity in another town where she falls in love with Taye Diggs.  But her abusive husband eventually tracks her down, threatening her and the baby.


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