New Year's resolutions are always hard to make and even harder to keep. How many times have you made a resolution and by the second week of January you already fell off the wagon? If you need help with a resolution here is a list of practical and more challenging resolutions.

1) Exercise More- this is the most common resolution, but can be the most challenging. Easiest way to start this is a gym membership, finally using that old treadmill, or take your dog/spouse for a walk. For more tips you can visit American Heart Association.

2) Quit Smoking- this is by far the hardest one in my opinion. Quitting cold turkey isn't as easy for everyone. The CDC offers great tips on how to quit smoking such as building a social support system, creating a quite plan, and how to control cravings.

3) Save More Money or Spend Less- This can be a difficult resolution coming out of the holiday season. Bank of America offers easy tips like, setting up a savings account and  how to start a savings plan either long term or short term.

Now for the more practical resolutions:

1) No more orange juice after you brush your teeth

2) Spend less than 1K on Starbucks in a year.

3) Have less blisters by learning air guitar instead of real guitar.

4) Finding a more accurate scale to fit your needs.

5) Borrowing peoples things more and returning them less.

6) Pay your credit card bills every month with more credit cards.

How do you keep your resolutions? Easiest way to achieve your goal is limit your resolution to one choice, don't wait until the last minute to chose, avoid past resolutions that failed, and be realistic. Good luck and don't forget your black eyed peas!

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