Over the weekend, I was not only asked to MC one of my best friend's wedding, but also be a groomsman. I love weddings, and I will alligator cry at any I attend! I have MCed a lot of weddings in my life but this one was quite special.

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The wedding ceremony was beautiful, as we stood alongside Jared (the groom). His bride, Carrie, was absolutely stunning. It was short and sweet but full of happy tears. Being a groomsman, of course I had to be in a tux. Don't worry, I didn't stay in it for very long after the ceremony. We cut the cake, tossed the bouquet, and it was time to party into the night! The newly-joined friends and family danced the night away and never left the dance floor.

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Just before it was time for the happy couple to leave, it was time for a tradition that Jared and I have made. For some reason, we feel it's a necessity to reenact the lift scene in Dirty Dancing. Why? Well, more than likely because the first time we did it, we were drinking free wine at a wedding for a friend of ours. Either way, it had to happen at his wedding. I called for the song to the DJ, and off we went. It's been a few years since we have done it. He says I've gotten weaker in my age, I say he's gotten fatter.

After the perfect lift, it was time for the afterparty. The couple headed out to dance the rest of the night away at a local casino into the wee hours of the morning. This is where things get mushy. After closing down the club, they ventured out to the hallway for a hot dog. Tell me this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen! They sat down, in love, hungry, and shared a hot dog together. If you can't see yourself sharing a hot dog in a tuxedo and an expensive wedding dress after your wedding with your significant other, then perhaps they are not the one.

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Congrats to Jared and Carrie. May you grow old together and be blessed for the rest of your days.

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