We've had stories of horses being ridden into a few bars: Horse Walks into Social Club in Lake Charles and Horse Walks into Mary's Lounge, but a cow walking into a school is no longer a moo-t point. Miss Cindy Kay was outside of Rosepine Elementary on the phone with the sheriff's office to report a cow on the loose in the area. As she was on the phone, the cow was making its way down the fence line. As she went to stop her vehicle, she saw the doors to the school were wide open.

Oh no, it's going in!

Cindy told me she really wishes she could hear a copy of the 911 call as she was describing to the dispatcher what was going on. As she realized the doors were open from the maintenance crews working in the school, the cow decided to make its way inside. Her and her daughter ran up to the school to shut the rest of the doors that were open. They were calling out to anyone that might be in the school to let them know of the situation, but no one answered. Turns out there was one teacher inside the school, according to Cindy, but the teacher didn't hear a thing.

Facebook, Cindy Kay
Facebook, Cindy Kay

Reading through the comments on Cindy's post, it seems some cowboys showed up and got the new Rosepine student roped and brought back outside. The cow and everyone involved is all safe and sound, but it seems like the education for the bovine is now out to pasture for the time being.

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