In May of 2019, visitors of the Social Club in Lake Charles got a surprise during a Johnny Jimenez show. A horse showed up inside the bar. Jimenez is a local country music talent that spends his weekends with his band playing at various local bars and charity events. It is no secret that when his band shows up, the crowd he brings tends to drink the bar dry after a long night of honky tonkin'.

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Yesterday, Jimenez played at Mary's Lounge on Broad Street in Lake Charles. It is aptly named "The Last of the Honky Tonks". The bar on Sundays is full of dancing, food, and great local music. It is mostly a way to get that last minute weekend partying out of the way as we all head back to work on Monday. Jimenez took the stage and started playing. As the night rolled on, a statement was made that there was a "pony" outside and wanted to come dance. Next thing everyone knew, a horse was making its way into Mary's through the back.

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The band stopped and greeted the horse, they all took some pictures, and the horse was returned safely to its trailer. It just goes to show you, you never know what's going to happen at a honky tonk in SWLA!

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