Now, I realize I am not a huge sports guy, but these new rules implemented by North Korea seem both insane, but interesting all at the same time. I am not too sure if Dictator Kim Jong Un and his BFF Dennis Rodman worked together on these new rules, but they are a bit strange to say the least. I started thinking about how if we implemented these same rules in our basketball programs, perhaps the game would get a touch crazy!

According to recent articles surfacing from 2013, these are the rules being added to the North Korean Basketball program!

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Slam dunks are no longer worth two points, the team will receive three points.

Field Goals worth eight points, but only during the last three minutes of the game.

Three-point shots are only worth four points if the ball doesn't touch the rim of the goal.

Free throws missed will deduct a point from the team shooting.

As extreme as these new rules sound, it could make the entire game even more interesting. Especially the whole "lose a point if you miss a free throw" rule.

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