The beloved Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France has caught fire. Built in 1163, it is possibly one of the most iconic examples of Gothic French design and architecture. Through the centuries, it has been through other desecration such as having all of its religious symbols removed or destroyed during the French Revolution.

notre dame 2

It is estimated that over twelve million people visit the church each year in Paris, making it the most visited monument in the country. According to other news outlets, police, and authorities, no injuries or deaths have been reported. The church has been approved for extensive updates and renovations. As of now, the thought is that the fire could have been due to these renovations. Over the past few years, the church has pleaded to have renovations done to it, due to damage by tourists and weathering over time.

The last update that was given was that the large monumental spire had collapsed due to the fire.

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