Louisiana folks love their Louisiana foods, often referred to as Cajun food and dishes. Not only do we love to eat Cajun food here in Louisiana, but we also love to cook it.

Most of our get-togethers are centered around a cookout of some sort like crawfish boils, gumbo cooking in the cold weather, and even just lighting up the grill.

We went on our Facebook page yesterday and asked you what one Cajun food you would give up forever if you had to. Your answers surprised us.

Most Cajuns don't like giving up any of their favorite Louisiana-based foods, but as we found out in our survey, some of you don't particularly like one type of Cajun food while others said they wouldn't give any of it up.

The most popular answer of what you would give up was jambalaya. I was kind of shocked about that, but at the same time, I can understand that you could get burned out on it.

Bruce Mikels
Bruce Mikels

The second most mentioned Cajun food was boudin. When i was growing up, there was only one flavor of boudin, then along came smoked boudin, pepper jack cheese boudin, and even jalapeno boudin.

Some of the other foods mentioned included crabs and crawfish, which shocked us. We thought everyone loved some good crabs and boiled crawfish. Some honorable mentions were seafood gumbo and etoufee.

So what would you give up forever? Let us know.

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