Think you can cut the mustard and drive a giant wiener across America? Oscar Mayer is looking for a new round of "Hotdoggers". The job description is pretty straight forward. Drive across the country promoting the Mayer brand at various places all from the windshield of the Wienermobile.

Weiner Mobile 6

Hotdoggers receive benefits, apparel, expense accounts, and a competitive salary. Before you apply, there are a few prerequisites. You need a degree in journalism, advertising, marketing, or PR to even apply. After landing the job, you will then go through training at "Wiener University", WU, and learn everything about the brand and you being the new brand ambassador for Oscar Mayer.

Weiner Mobile 3

I had the chance two years ago to meet real hotdoggers and tour the Wienermobile when it came to a few Market Baskets. I am positive I freaked the poor girls out with my enthusiasm about their job, but I didn't care. I was entirely too excited to see it and get a wiener whistle!

Weiner Mobile 4

If you'd like to apply, you can send your resume to, Attn: Hotdogger Position, 560 E Verona Ave, Verona Wisconsin 53593 or email


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