Happy Valentine's Day from Gator but we also had a few people who wanted to show their love too!

Taylor- Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband Aaron and kids Jaylen and Conor. Love y’all so much.


Happy anniversary to my husband Paul Doucet from Ragley. Love, your wife Diana.


Amanda- Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweet husband James Hebert, our girls Madyson and Dakota, and all 4 of our dogs that are our babies too! I love you all to the moon and back!

I want to say happy valentine to my amazing husband Cody from his wife Shelly.


Happy 28th anniversary I love you mom and dad thank you for everything love Allie and Katlyn, Bella , Bentley.

Sky- Happy Valentine’s Day to Justin Romero and our 18 month old son tucker

Andrew- Happy Valentines to my new, beautiful and wonderful wife Tasha Bellow-Boddie. I love you ❤️


Mr. B- Shout out to my wife Tara Happy Valentine's day I love you.


Bill Coyne 
- Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful and selfless wife, Shyla. You make each day a brighter and better place for everyone around you. I love you.

After 23 years of marriage together I still love my husband very, very much. I want to wish him a Happy Valentine's Day and tell him that I love him. His name is Trey miles and my name is GENIA Miles.
Happy Valentine’s Day to the Best step dad, Love you, Jonah, from Alivia Gaspard.

Rebecca- Hey! Happy Valentine’s Day to my boys one for me too! Hunter and Blake Moss - mom loves you!

Tina- I would like to send out my fiancé ( Everett Brinkley) a very Happy Valentine's Day & love you with all my heart! Also my kiddos and grandkids! Kids are Kaytlynn, Bryson, Kelsey & Kourtlin. Grandkids are Bentley, Aaliyah, Baylen, Finleigh & Colten.

Chele- Happy Valentine’s Day to the best family ever, Eric, Bethany and Kamryn, love yo Llama Mama and Ted!

Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweet boyfriend Brett! Love Desiree.


Happy Valentine's day to the best husband ever Jordan Rush love your wife Faith.

Courtney- Happy Valentine's Day to my hubby Eric. I love you and Happy Valentine's Day to my kids Hayden, harleigh, xander, maddyx, and Bayleigh.

I want to wish my girlfriend Charlieanne Ozan a Happy Valentine's Day. I can't wait to see you tonight from Dillon❤❤

Happy Valentines Day to my amazing husband, Justin Thompson! Can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight! Love your wife, Kandice Thompson XOXO.

This is Dustin from MAD Military and Tactical. I want to say Happy Valentine's to my best friend and beautiful wife Maxine. MAD stands for Maxine and Dustin.

Keegan- Happy Valentine's to my loves. 


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