Call it what you will - I say boredom - but this post from 2019 suddenly popped back up on Facebook. Since this morning, it has been inexplicably shared over 1,400 times in a matter of a few hours.

Now, I'm sure corporate would want me to tell you that it is because of the amazing website skills we possess where we can do the same for your business. Although I agree with those facts, I will lean more toward the fact that perhaps we get excited about the littlest things these days and just run with it.

The article in question was about how tryouts for Family Feud were coming to Louisiana. You could submit and application and apply to be on the show, and it would have involved follow-up interviews in New Orleans. A family in Lake Charles actually went for it at the time and made it through quite a few rounds.

Sadly, due to the whole 'rona situation, in-person interviews are currently a thing of the past. Fortunately, taking a look at the application website for Family Feud reveals they have changed their interview process to Zoom meetings, which means they don't have to hold local tryouts anymore. Plus, the upside to a Zoom meeting is you wouldn't have to wear pants. The downside is that grandma would be next to you sans pants during the interview.

Perhaps that's not the best decision, after all.

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