Parents in Central City, Louisiana are saying their kids were told to go back home after arriving to school with no masks.

After the children arrived at school they were told they wouldn't be allowed to stay on their school campuses. Pictures began to pop up on school media of groups of kids at the school district’s office after being rejected waiting to be picked up.

Some of the parents have cited they took the advice of Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry to use philosophical or religious exemptions as a reason to get around the temporary statewide mask mandate.

Louisville Schools Open For In-Person Learning
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Central School’s Superintendent Jason Fountain is standing firm on his decision to enforce the mask mandate on all his school campuses. Fountain said he wants all of his students to be in school, however, he went on to say that they will follow the governor’s mask mandate.

Brittany Sherlin, a mother of two children who attend Central City schools, says that this is a civil rights issue. She argues that the act of the schools turning her kids away from their schools is segregation. Sherlin says her childen and other kids are being discriminated against for not wearing masks.

State Government Mull Reopening Schools
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