Have you been driving around downtown in Lake Charles and seen a gaggle of lit up bicycles riding around? They're not aliens nor are they a weird new environmentally friendly biker gang. You are seeing the Lake City Cruisers.

The group has a plethora of bikes at your disposal and rents them out as you ride around to tour the beautiful downtown Lake Charles area. They offer hour-long tours for groups such as bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, birthdays, a night out on the town, or just some family time.

Facebook, Lake City Cruisers
Facebook, Lake City Cruisers

The rental on their glowing two-wheeled mode of transportation will run you $25 bucks, and the Lake City Cruisers choose a charity each month to donate some of their sales to each time. So not only are you getting healthy, enjoying the outdoors, but you're also helping out a local charity in SWLA.

You can book a cruise through their website, and they begin at dark. You go in and reserve your time that you want to ride, pay online, and you are ready to ride! The group meets at 500 Broad Street for the beginning of the ride, and you must arrive 20 minutes early. Their side says that if they have to cancel due to weather, they will just reschedule the ride at a later date or time. So now we know we aren't being taken over by weird aliens on bicycles.

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