Parish Brewing seems to be back at it again with another crazy beer to come out of their brewery. A few months ago the brewer announced its Holly Beach themed beer that could barely stay on the shelves as people just had to have it. Now, the brewer is squeezing some lemons as it teams up with the famous chicken fingers from Louisiana.

No Slaw Extra Toast is the name of the newest IPA . It's a joke from a typical order we pretty much all do when we get out finger fix. Parish Brewing says that the IPA is a Lemonade IPA featuring meyer lemon puree. They describe it to have a nose of lemonheads candy mixed with some Countrytime Lemonade.

The brew hit their taproom yesterday and is scheduled to begin distribution this week. If the distribution is similar to that of the Holly Beach flavor, Rouses should have it first within a week or two. If you cannot wait to get your hands on it, you can visit their website and order it while supplies last. When you order your own, you still have to go to the brewery and pick it up. At least you know you won't leave empty handed when you do. A 4 pack of No Slaw Extra Toast will set you back $17.00 for four 16ounce cans with a two case limit.

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