Today began a historic session at the Louisiana State Capital. Until today, legislators in Louisiana have never had a veto session since the current Louisiana constitution was enacted in 1974. It's something no one has had to do before since that time, so everyone has been on edge trying to figure out exactly how it should all be carried out.

Two dozen bills are being discussed during this time. Those bills were rejected just recently by Gov. John Bel Edwards during the spring session. One bill that was a hot topic to be discussed was no longer needing a permit to carry a weapon concealed. Currently to conceal carry a weapon, residents must pass a gun course and pass a background check. The permit is good for five years, and must be renewed. If the bill passed, residents in Louisiana who are able to own a firearm, could then conceal it without having a permit.

The Senate voted 23-15 in favor to override the bill, but it fell short of the two-thirds vote needed to go back to the House. It will remain vetoed.

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