The Paranormal Cirque is currently in Lake Charles for the weekend. Over the last few days, it has come up that some locals are not big fans of it being in Lake Charles. The Cirque show mixes magic, laughter, and lots of scary to wow and entertain it's audiences. Think of it as if you went to a circus, and zombies took over. It has clowns (scary ones), acrobatics, magic, and everything else a circus might offer.

They boast on their website about how they want to entertain, scare, and amuse their attendees, hoping to give them every emotion possible. Some are saying it's a bit "too much" for our area, while others that have attended say it was an amazing show and they are glad they went.

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Please understand that I am not choosing sides here, and I firmly believe in standing up for what you believe and exercising your rights, no matter what side you are on. I will say, where are all of these petitioners and nay-sayers when Halloween rolls around with haunted houses. a Haunted Ship, and Haunted Trail rides THAT RAISE MONEY FOR CHARITY, in the Lake Area?

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The next stop after Lake Charles, is Alexandria, LA. Some people in Alexandria have started a petition to stop the show from happening at the Alexandria Mall. The petition talks about how the people signing it will boycott the show and the mall if the show goes on. Plus, they will "publicly dissent" if it goes through. The email contact is for the Pine Ridge Church. So, one can assume they are the ones that started the petition.

If you are even more interested than you were before reading this, you can buy your tickets on their website, like i did (ahem), here. I might be going for "media research".

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