I am all about trying to debunk the random things we see on Facebook. I feel like Sherlock Holmes when I get to the bottom of it. Recently, a friend of mine posted an image about pickle-flavored candy canes. Do what? First and foremost, I am not a huge pickle fan. My dad always has been, but me? Not so much.

Amazon, Brand: Accoutrements
Amazon, Brand: Accoutrements

I do love candy canes, with the rainbow ones being my favorite 'cause I think they are cherry-flavored. However, when I want a sweet little treat, a pickle is not the first thing that comes to mind.

Of course, Amazon had the answer for this abomination of the candy cane world. For the low price of $22, you can get yourself two boxes of these nasty curved confections. The description says these offer a very clear alternative flavor to the candy cane norm. No kidding, it's called salt! Sadly, it seems that if you order them now, you won't get them until the new year. Now I just need to know who would actually order this trash on purpose.

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