I didn't know it was a thing! A day for PIE! Are you kidding me? I'm an apple pie man myself, add sharp cheddar cheese to it and consider it gone.

Where does pie even come from? I know German Chocolate Cake is actually NOT German. It's named after its inventor and is really called "German's Chocolate Cake". How about pie?

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According to the super official website the "American Pie Council", pie has been around for quite a long time. Dating back to the Romans, whom probably picked it up from the greeks. The greeks would stuff filling into reeds and cook them. Scrape the filling out and eat it.

The first pie was mentioned in the 14th century when the Romans had a recipe for a "Rye-Crusted Goat Cheese and Honey Pie", thank God we have expanded on our pie fillings these days. Originally spelled "Pyes", the English took it an ran with it and made meat pies (thank Jesus for Nachitoches meat pies, but not how to spell the city).

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Then pie had a break through around 250BC as the ratio of a circle's circumference. Wait, that's math. Why are we discussing math on Pie day? Well, this is embarrassing, apparently I was mistaken on my Pie versus Pi days. Pi is 3.14159 and it goes on from there. No cherry filling, no chocolate, no apple. This is insane! I never even passed Math 113 in college!

No matter how you celebrate Pi or Pie day, enjoy it and share the love of PIE with your friends!