With the trend of stores across the nation closing down, Pizza Hut is now on the chopping block. Yum! Brands owns the Pizza Hut company along with Taco Bell and KFC and have decided to close the lower performing dine-in stores down in the states. This has even shown up in Lake Charles with the Pizza Hut on Ryan Street closing its doors a few months ago.

Boy (7-9) smiling while looking down at slice of pepperoni pizza
Ryan McVay

According to a statement by Yum!, they are wanting to focus more on delivery and carryout stores at this time. There are currently 6,100 stores in the USA that are dine-in and over 1,300 stores that are their pick-up and carryout stores.

It seems to be a trend with no end in sight, with stores closing down left and right. The worst part about it is the jobs being lost as a result.

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