A man driving a large black truck has been reported as using "police like" flashing lights to try and pull over Calcasieu Parish drivers.

Sheriff Mancuso talked to KPLC, "This concerns me. We certainly spent hours looking for a vehicle that matched that description. We were unable to locate it".

Sheriff Mancuso said that rarely will an unmarked vehicle attempt to pull you over.  If this happens to you, the Sheriff recommends calling 911 and let them know what is going on and they should be able to tell you if the vehicle behind you is a legitimate Police Officer.  He recommends while, traveling at a safe speed, on the phone with 911 that you drive to a Police Sub-Station or a well-lit area with other people around.

"We can't charge you with flight from an officer if you choose not to stop because you are scared and don't believe it's a police officer," said Mancuso.

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