As our country tries to return to normal after the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, many business and personal finances have been left in shambles.

In March, President Trump signed a $2 trillion stimulus package that aided the American people and businesses during the pandemic. The majority of people received a $1,200 check, and many business received much needed loans to help stay afloat during these hard times.

There is now news that President Trump is backing a second stimulus package that would be "very generous" in the amount going out to Americans to help repair our economy.

President Trump said he will make an announcement on the details of the second stimulus package in the coming weeks. He did not mention any figures about how much money will be sent out, but did say in an interview, "It will be very good. It’ll be very generous."

One of the recent proposals from the Democrats was the Hero Act. It's a $3 trillion stimulus package that includes hazard pay for essential workers, more money allocated to COVID-19 testing, and broadens the eligibility of the program. It was passed in May in the House of Representatives but lost steam in the Senate and is now almost unheard of.

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