Soon we all might have an extra $600 to spend from the government with the new stimulus check. We won't get into a political debate as to if that's enough or not, so let's just keep our opinions to ourselves. Growing up, my parents tried to teach me how to save money. For the most part, I would do it. That was until I found something at the exact amount of money I had and would blow what I had saved. I am almost 38 and still tend to do that.

I decided to look around and see what one could buy for $600 if we just wanted to blow it on a random bulk purchase. Why do you need 200 links of boudin? Um, it's almost Mardi Gras time, we probably won't have anything closely related to the season, and we need to drown our sorrows in starch and carbs. Here is a little list I searched for to give us an insight on what you can get with your stimulus check.

Random Things to Buy With Your Stimulus Check

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