No, I don't "sports" very well, but I do love rumors and gossip just the same. According to recent practice reports from New Orleans, the performance of Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill was less than spectacular. Twitter account SaintsNow even said close to the same thing with stats.

Rumors had already begun to fly about whether Rodgers was going to stay a Packer for another season or move. As more and more stories evolve, the rumors are becoming more consistent in their theories. The latest addition to the rumor mill is an interview TMZ Sports did with former NFL cornerback Will Blackmon. Blackmon played alongside Rodgers from 06-09 and told TMZ that he indeed expects Rodgers to head to New Orleans for the next season.

Rodgers had a sketchy offseason including reports that Rodgers had no intent on playing with the Packers ever again. He decided to miss a mandatory camp and OTAs plus turned down an extension to his contract that could have made him the highest-paid athlete in the NFL.

Guess we will have to see who the Saints choose for this season and wait for the rest to unfold leading into the next.

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