Leggings  - Check

Ugg Boots - Check

Infinity Scarf - Check

Pumpkin Spice - Coming Soon?

Installation Of 3,000 Pumpkins Unveiled In London
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PSLs (Pumpkin Spice Lattes) might be slapping us in the face before fall even gets a chance to wipe its eyes from its seasonal slumber. There is a closed Facebook Page called The Leaf Rakers Society that houses Starbucks employees and PSL fans in one group. The Starbucks baristas are claiming that they are already getting in their pumpkin spiced flavors in their store. Since the phrase is "pics or it didn't happen" come to mind, a Reddit Post even shows the flourishing fluid in the box at a store. The user does say they have been told to not sell the product till mid-September, but the rumors are still cranking out about when they will be available.

Starbucks does have a DIY Pumpkin Spice option that will be available year round. They will be releasing PSL K-Cups starting next week according to their website.


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