The Tradition Lives On is the name of the new album by the legendary Foret Tradition. This album was recorded live as the band performed at Pat's Atchafalaya Club in Henderson a few months back. It was mastered and now is ready for everyone to hear.

Foret Tradition 2

The album will be released at midnight tonight on all of your normal audio streaming and buying places including Spotify and iTunes. You can purchase a hard copy of your very own from their website via their merchandise page for only $10.00. You can also check out their show dates from their website, from the looks of it, these boys never stop working and sometimes play three to five shows in a single day.

I had the pleasure of listening to a sneak peek of the album, and I personally have not hear a live album this cleanly recorded in quite a long time. The vocals and harmonies are crystal clear to the point that is sounds like studio quality.

The live set features songs you know and love by Foret, don't worry it includes Te Na Na.

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