Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry across the world. Okay, it's mainly in the United States where we have way too much to eat. Places like Ethiopia and the Sudan aren't plagued with obesity, they have real problems.with food, they don't have enough. We on the other hand are dying by the forkful with every unhealthy bite we take.

Just for the record, I am a fat guy. According to the U.S. Government standards for weight and height I should weigh 45 pounds less than I do now or be five inches taller. If you believe the government I am morbidly obese. You might be too. Thankfully there is now a real weight loss solution that has been shown to be the most effective way to lose pounds and inches and keep those pounds and inches off.

Oddly enough this method not only works for weight loss. It can work for any behavior modification that you deem necessary. This method will even motivate people to break the law. It's called bribery.

A study done in England found that when bribed with cash ,enough cash, they could and would take off any amount of weight necessary to get paid. In the study more than 50% of those who were bribed to lose weight not only met their weight loss goal but exceeded it.

How much of a bribe would it take for you to lose weight? I guess that depends upon the person. In the study the going rate was $40 dollars per pound. Keep in mind the basic tenants of diet and exercise were used to actually help the participants lose the weight, the bribe just kept them motivated.

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