I think we'd all agree that the officiating in the National Football League is not as good as it should be. Now, Saints head coach Sean Payton has a suggestion on how to improve the officiating in the NFL .

Coach Payton suggests that the league hire all officials full-time. If you did not know, not all of the league officials are full-time. Many of the referees have other jobs during the week and work for the NFL on weekends.

By doing so, Payton says that officials could be in constant contact with each other and with the league.

This has been a discussion within the NFL for a few years now. Should they, the NFL, put all officials under full-time pay? We know that the league has the money to do so.

One thing that I have noticed in recent years in the NFL is that the officiating is never consistent amongst officiating crews. Perhaps them all being in the office or on conference calls during the week could improve the calls.

Let's see what the NFL has to say about this suggestion, but if we know the NFL it will fall on deaf ears.

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