One of Lake Charles's favorite restaurants is back! Mr. Bill's Seafood Express is back and ready to pen this week. Mr. Bill's has been shut down since hurricanes Laura and Delta devastated the popular local eatery. The storms basically destroyed the entire restaurant.

Mr. Bill's is not only a great place to eat with great local Cajun favorites like crawfish, fried and grilled shrimp, and other popular cajun dishes but it is locally owned and the owners are big supporters of our community and McNeese Athletics.

Owners Chad Pousson and Jason Guillory have been working for over two and a half years now to get the restaurant rebuilt and back open and now it's happening.

They have completely redone the entire inside and outside of the restaurant and let me tell you, it looks great. if you were a frequent customer at Mr. Bill's before the hurricane, you can remember what it used to look like.

Boiled Crawfish (Photo by Mike Soileau TSM)
Boiled Crawfish (Photo by Mike Soileau TSM)

Well, now you won't even recognize it now. It is beautiful. The boy's hard work, patience, and vision have produced one beautiful place to go eat and enjoy family and friends.

They had a soft opening last Friday to introduce their menu and the new look of the eatery. They are now set to reopen to the public this week and you can go see it for yourself and grab some great home cooking.

Ready to check out the new restaurant? We have your exclusive first look inside the brand-new Mr. Bill's Seafood Express.

Inside Mr. Bill's Seafood Express

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