One of the most popular restaurants in Lake Charles has finally reopened two years later after it suffered major damage from hurricanes Laura and Delta. The restaurant was forced to stay closed until it could be remodeled and put back together after the storms.

Now, Pat's Of Henderson's, which is located at 1500 Siebarth Drive in Lake Charles, is back and has now reopened. There is a little bit of a difference in their hours of operation right now as the reopening is underway. Due to staff shortages, they are currently only open in the evenings for dinner.

They are currenlty hiring more staff and are looking for kitchen expeditors and kitchen staff but they also have other postions open as well. Apply in person.

The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm and customers who wish to eat at the restaurant will need to make a reservation on the Pat's Of Henderson's website.

Why are they not open for lunch or why do you have to currently make a reservation to dine in? Owner Nick Perioux told us that as they reopen, they want to give each and every customer the best service and food experience possible.

Will they reopen for lunch and will you be able to just walkin to dine in the future? The answer is yes according to Perioux. Once he can get the restaurant fully staffed, they plan to open for lunch and take walkins.

Want to see the inside of this beautiful renovated Pat's Of Henderon's restaurant? Let's take a tour here now.

Inside Of Pat's Of Henderson

So are you ready to eat yet? We know we are!  Make sure to make your reservations now and go eat the awesome food at Pat's Of Henderson!

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