Red Barn music is a Southwest Louisiana record company with several local country music artists recording under it. Artists like Charlie Wayne, Cody Forrest, Clay Cormier, and Ashton Dupre might sound familiar to you because they all fall under the Red Barn music label.

The owner and booking agent for these artists is Seth Storer. Storer is a big song writer but now he is adding recording artist to his resume.

Photo provided by Seth Storer Red Barn
Photo provided by Seth Storer Red Barn

Seth Storer teamed up with one of his recording artists, Ashton Dupre , and they have released a new single to radio and have posted the song on YouTube as well for fans to check out. The song is called Bottle Goes Down which features Seth Storer taking the lead on the song and features vocals from Ashton Dupre. Dupre, from Bayou Chicot, Louisiana, is also known for his song, Alone In A Bar.  

We do a feature every day Monday through Friday called Hometown Country which rolls at 6:40am right here on Gator 99.5 where we feature local country artists from Southwest Louisiana.

Check out the new tune from Seth Storer and Ashton Dupre released by Red Barn Records.

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Southwest Louisiana's Local Country Artists

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