Lake Charles's Jeep club is making their way back after holding off their meetings for the past year. The club typically holds monthly meetings and get-togethers for Jeep lovers to come together and discuss community charity events, upcoming rides, and an excuse to show off their Jeeps. The club made a decision last March to stop meetings for the time being to continue on the path of being socially distant. Those few months they planned on halting meetings turned into a solid year. The club was able to partially hold a toy drive they do each year for Colors for a Cause, but it was amongst their own members instead of a public-style drive like usual. Now, they are back and happy to say they are having their first meeting for the year, in a year.

The club is composed of Jeep enthusiasts, whether you take it off-road or stay on the streets. They participate in charity events around SWLA and help out where they can. The meetings are held once a month, and you do not need to be a member to attend.

We always keep our meetings open to non-members so that you can come and see what the club is all about. We love meeting new people, and potential members. If after the meeting you want to join, we can certainly make that happen.  - VP Russ Conrad

This month's meeting will be at Beauxdine's on Ryan Street beginning at 5:00pm. The club will be raffling off free crawfish for members and non-members, if they bring an Easter basket with them to the meeting. You do not need to be a member to attend. You just need to drive a Jeep. The more baskets you bring, the more raffle tickets you get. The baskets will then be donated to Colors for a Cause for their annual Easter Bunny Hop.

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