I don't consider myself a moody person, but if ANY of the following whatsoever were to occur, well, the blood has a tendency to slowly start boiling. Here are the seven things that absolutely annoy the living crud out of me.

1. Smacking! My mom helped me and my brothers with this problem very early in life. But when it came time for me to raise my kiddos, that oldest boy of mine would drive me up a wall. UGH! I am getting ticked just thinking of it! What's sad? He's 23 years old and STILL has an issue with smacking.

2. People who talk loudly into their mobile phones. Dude, why did you even bother calling who you intended to call? I bet you are heard five miles down the road! Or maybe it's time to get your hearing checked?

3. Crying babies in really expensive restaurants! I just do not understand brand new parents bringing their baby into La Truffe Sauvage, or Pat's of Henderson, or Pujo Street Cafe, or Landry's Seafood House. Nothing like trying to enjoy a night on the town, when you walk into an establishment, get seated, order your appetizer, and then it starts: the cries of a really, really upset baby.

4. Taking the family on a road trip, drive five miles down the road and then you are notified that you have to turn the vehicle around and return to the house because of a key forgotten item. I don't know, like a credit card!

5. People with the sniffs. I understand when people get a cold. But the ones that get under my skin are the people who are too dang lazy to get up and find some Kleenex and TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS! No, they choose to just sit there or walk away and proceed to sniff...sniff-sniff.... SNIFFFFFFFFFFF.... sniff-sniff-sniff. UGH!

6. Driving slow in the fast lane. The speed limit says 55 MPH. You can go 5 miles over, ya know? Or, let me suggest this. MOVE OVER! IT'S A PASSING LANE! JERK!

7. Stepping in dog poo. Nuff said.