Hi gang! I made the decision to shed some pounds last week. My diet started this past Monday and I am happy to report that I have lost 7 pounds in four days! Yay me, right?

Look, I live in Choupique (shoe-peek) Louisiana, USA! It's about as country out here as you can get! I have seen my share of cows, horses, coyotes, pigs, rabbits, skunks, buzzards... but this morning... I swear I heard a wolf in a cow pasture down the road!

Yes, I know the difference between a coyote cry and a whinny dog! This was a wolf howl around 7 this morning!

Am I going to have to bring a whoop a** stick now, when I am walking down Charlie Moss Road? My aunt warned me of a panther that was in the area just four years ago. What's next? Bigfoot?

Stay tuned!