Add this to the list of something I didn't know I wanted until I saw it. Sonic has come out swinging in 2021 with what seems to be their very own line of hard seltzers. What most of us simply thought was a fad just a few years ago has become a billion dollar business. Brewers all over the nation have jumped on the seltzer train to try and get just a sip of the big money the low-carb beverages bring in.

According to Food and Wine, the drive-in has taken their more famous slush recipes and brought them to an Oklahoma City-based brewery called COOP Ale Works. Greg Horton ( @winerev) helped begin spreading the word about the new beverages. He tweeted out the packaging that would be out in stores should this idea actually take off.

According to the info from Food and Wine, the beverages will be 5% alcohol, less than 180 calories, and contain two grams of sugar. So basically, a normal seltzer we have all grown to love (or hate).

It should be said that neither Sonic nor the brewery have officially announced the collaboration, but quite a few sources say they will begin distribution in May of this year. My next question, like yours, is where can we actually get them?

I looked around to see where the brewery actually distributes to, and luckily enough, they do send their beer down into Texas to sell. That is promising, to say the least. I would love nothing more than to get my hands on a case of Ocean Waters, that's for sure.

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