It started about a year or so ago when some southerners posted a few videos of them eating peanuts in a coke. Since then, the entire world has been watching us all eat peanuts in a Coke. They are discovering that the southerners are perhaps on to something. Of course, they think this "trend" is brand new.

As for where it really started, we will just have to say "The South". Some claim it was farmers In the Carolinas, Florida, or Tennessee. We won't debate the origin of the snack, but we can mostly agree that it began in the early 1900s as a way for workers to catch a snack and a beverage but not have to stop working and wash up for a real meal. Workers would pour the peanuts into their Coke bottles and keep right on working so as to not get their nuts dirty. Yes, I had to make a dirt nut joke. The trend spread more and more all the way into Texas thus becoming a "southern" thing.

Now, it seems the entire world is giving it a go. The result? Mostly mindblown that such a delicacy exists. Others, not so much. It's not for everyone, but it will certainly always be for me. Wait til people realize northerners put cheese on their Apple Pie. I do, it's delicious.

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