Yesterday and overnight, bad weather moved through the Southwest Louisiana area with pockets of heavy rain to the south and sleet and snow to the northern part of our area. With the wintry weather coming through, it has prompted officials in different parishes to decide to close schools in our area for this Monday, January 11.

In Allen Parish, all schools are closed today. In Vernon Parish, the school board decided to close all their schools, as well.

In Beauregard Parish, they have canceled all in-person classes, opting for virtual class assignments that are available. they expect to open schools back up tomorrow, January 12 for in-person classes.

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As far as we know, Calcasieu Parish schools are open today as well as Cameron and Jeff Davis Parish schools. We advise that you still check in with you schools to make sure they will be open today, as things could change depending on what each area received as far as the weather.

McNeese University hasn't put out any information of a closure, so it should be business as usual for the university as they prepare for the upcoming spring semester that begins on Tuesday, January 19.

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