Last night, Cruz and Rubio seemed desperate. Trump was bashful. The audience was ridiculous. The overall debate, I felt, was more of a blackeye on the Republican side of things. Several times during the debate, the CNN mediator Wolf Blitzer lost all sorts of control.

Let's recap!

Donald J. Trump says he will build that wall... and Mexico will indeed pay for it... and it just got 10 feet taller!

Last night in Houston during the last debate before Super Tuesday... Trump told America he isn't a Conservative, nor a Liberal. Trump says he isn't a Politician.

What is he?

In my opinion, he wants his voters to believe he is merely a pissed off American citizen... just like us. I guess his plan is to surround himself with the most talented cabinet members he can find and return this country to powerhouse status that it once was?

Last night, candidates Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio went for blood in a last ditched attempt to explain why Trump is not strong enough to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton for President. Rubio attacked Trump's character. And Ted Cruz followed up by questioning Trump's conservative credentials.

By the end of the night, I really felt sorry for Ben Carson. Towards the end of the debate, Carson seemed to be the comic relief because the CNN panel focused on the "big three" Trump, Rubio, and Cruz. Ohio Governor John Kasich did get to chime in a few times last night.

Next tuesday is Super Tuesday!