A letter has been circulating around social media about the Spirit Halloween store not reopening this year due to "international suppliers" not being able to ship to them or even have products available to sell. The letter that is circulating talks about despite not opening, they would still have items available to order on line for purchase. Here is a copy of the letter that has been circulating across social media. It contains the stores logo at the top as a letter head and indeed does look totally official to the reader.

The letter has been making its rounds since June, but just as people began to lose hope there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I, for one, couldn't believe that a store that randomly pops up in abandoned Toys R Us buildings and random run down shoe stores would be one to worry about the "rona". There has to be more to the rumor, or that the entire letter was a total fake! Spirit Halloween took to their own social media to dispel the rumors! The post was made to 100% confirm that the letter making its rounds was indeed a fake, and that the Halloween stores would indeed be reopening.

So let your bleeding heart mend itself. We will have a spooky good time, in some form or fashion, this year for Halloween 2020. At least we know of one day that everyone will be wearing a mask!

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